Road Map - Freshers

Corvyd Road Map for Freshers


What is the present scenario?

It’s been observed that after Graduation students are just Degree holders and most of them remain unemployed or take up Jobs which they don't like.

Gap between Education and Employability:

Literacy rate in India might be cited at around 74% (in 2011), but the ground reality is that even among the so-called educated youth, 'employability' remains a key challenge. The main reasons behind this are a lack of communication and other ner skills. This is an important gap that needs to be bridged, and we bring to you a program designed by our college committed to doing this which will assure you of great success.

Gap in Academic Syllabus, What Academic Institutions offer v/s What Corporates are looking for?

Our courses are designed to prepare students to succeed as they make the transition from School to college education. The courses emphasizes setting priorities, time management, effective listening, note taking, concentration techniques, retention of information, critical thinking, text analysis and comprehension, and test-taking skills. The course also incorporates modules that are designed to facilitate the use of library data bases in planning and setting educational objectives, lifelong career assessment and decision making, financial aid, tutoring and student support services, enabling the student to maximize the use of college resources.

A few reasons for un-employability:

  • Our Education system is basically THEORY-CENTRIC.
  • Students are not aware of their strengths & weakness, various courses & opportunities; they are not focussed
  • Parents are also not aware and many do not have sufficient time
  • Peer pressure – take up courses which they are not good at .
  • Many educational institutions are not taking up the initiative to guide and counsel the students to take up the right programme
  • Institutions are only focusing on the University / Board syllabus
  • Many institutions are not interacting with the industry

Facts and Figures of Unemployment rate in India (Source - Mckinsey Report)


You are reading this webpage, as I believe that you have already completed your Graduation with or without back papers, and looking to get into a job or venture as an entrepreneur in the start-up capital of India. If you have read the earlier text of this page, you may have realized the importance of “Employability”. You may have not yet got a job due to various reasons which has to be sorted out at the earliest. We at Corvyd can help you with free guidance and creating a tailor-made roadmap for you so that you may realize your dreams of getting into a job or becoming an entrepreneur.

In general, as only University degree will not help you, unless you got through your college campus interview, you will have to first secure a job at the earliest and then go for your Master Degree which will help you in your future promotions. If you have already appeared for few interviews and have been rejected, then you will have to work on your skills - may be your communication or on your personality or on the domain knowledge. You may have to take up the right certification which will lead you to your dream job or start your start-up.

Based on your field of interest and your course, you have to spend some time weekly for gathering the right kind of certifications and take up an additional training program which will be goal-oriented and tailor-made for you. This will help you avoid any more precious time.

To get a job in the industry or pursue your career as a successful entrepreneur and to avoid wasting further time, do feel free to chat with us or drop in for a free counselling session and get a complete guide on your road map to realize your dream.

Wishing you all the best and love to hear from you soon!